I’ve pushed my body and mind through some interesting moments this year. Some of which still make me move with some sadness and other times having me feeling as if I was the only one who could understand this enormous amount of joy. I look out at the sky every so often and realize that people will never know who I really am.

The beauty in the discrete, the sprout that stemmed from untouched soil, a laugh between two friends that will never be forgotten. Where does your passion and love come into play when time is short?

My head and my heart both act so differently when I’m in control but once my primal instincts come into play I can really feel how connected they are. Its infinitely moving through my veins, the dreams that are all mine. Who can take them? oppressors come in all shapes and sizes, one day they love you, another day they need you, and on the last day they forget you.

Close your eyes for a second and look at the beauty in life and kiss your existence good bye. Like the one who could have loved you more? would you feel the same way in return? maybe, maybe not…still not the answer they wanted.

I am in the air right now…with the delicate idea of a greater future. Sayōnara


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