Take it or leave it but the hardest of efforts will give you reason to think twice about your life choices. I looked at many beautiful eyes, and held the strongest of opinions while glaring at them. But what did that solve without a solid ground of understanding.

You ride this bike? you road with no brake? where can I see your efforts? WHO THE FUCK CARES. Promise yourself to end labeling or bite your tongue when we see other cyclists. Different dimensions of our own love and hate are clearly going to cross paths in this river called life.

The real question should be “where do we find a place to call home?” when traveling and meeting all these creative souls. I hold you in my memories but pardon me if I forgot that moment at the park or that laugh in a bar jam packed with love, life, and desperation. Life can really side track us into weighing “who we are now” and “who we used to be.” starting to realize that the only audience we have is ourselves.

But who am I to say these things when I’ve ridden on the freeway, attacked oncoming traffic with closest of friends, and nearly lost my life to a distracted bus driver while riding carefully. Judge and talk about me all you want. Where did I gain the ability to turn the switch on instincts at any instance. Cutting the city with myself or a pack of wolves, we have evolved in consciousness. I know we’re built to punish or persuade but don’t be surprised if you see a generation of cyclists who ride with respect during the day and change into beasts at night.

metaphorically speaking.



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