The saying “fun is serious” came from the mind of my friend Johnnie Davis. He’s an adventurer who throws himself into the unknown just to shine the way and guide those who don’t know where to start. Like in an alley cat race, look at a map, pick your locations, and let the universe treat you whichever way it must. Travel in this fast paced life is so needed, one minute your guardians are holding you captive from the cruel world then next you’re writing them letters of how life can be so strange.

Now when implementing “fun is serious” into your daily daily I suggest traveling to a place that is far or close(baby steps), look at your surroundings and see what you can make of the situation. The possibilities are endless. Johnnie and my friend Bright both decided to buy clothes that had them looking like characters straight out of the video game street fighter. From there I pulled out my camera and had began capturing the moment without any warning. Nervous at first my friends smoothly adjusted and went with the flow.

Adjusting to anything can be a scary situation especially if you’re one to have a strong belief  in never leaving your comfort zone. But why hold yourself back when life has so much to offer? remember when you had the eyes of a child, looking at a telescope and wondering what was beyond that magnifying glass…awaken those eyes because they have been sleeping for sometime.

This isn’t a promise that doing anything I say will change your life or that your mind, body, and soul will enjoy any instance of uncertainty, Just know that when you’re on the road looking for a good destination to act out and be a little different always capture the moment. If it’s with writing, photos, or drawings. Like todays post… Im enjoying what my body says when it’s given the chance to go.



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