32221678462_e2cbd5a597_oDoing good doesn’t need a reason, the feeling of giving back doesn’t change this cruel world into a haven. I woke up one day and felt the need to give back. So I road my ass to a supermarket and bought eight loaves of bread, two jugs of peanut butter, and a few bottles of jelly. 3 hours later a came out with over 100 sandwiches..and an Instagram post stating that id be handing out these sandwiches to the needy of DTLA.
31560738083_000b015b3a_oMet Triston at the Coffee Colab while he was working. He was down for the cause and rolled out when a few other people who heard about what I was doing. The dude even dropped work when deciding to volunteer with me, that shows a lot of character and I appreciate it.
32372082085_cbfbd89c53_oJonah was working at the Coffee Colab when I rolled through. After he heard what I was trying to do he instantly jumped on board. Together we came up with a game plan on where we will be giving out the sandwiches. The idea was to give the sandwiches to those who are fighting to stay alive.32251582041_d02b931d1d_oHis insight on how poverty works and the perspective that I was honored to see truly struck a chord. We only gave to those who where still fighting during this cold and rainy winter.
dsc02010_32371882195_oCody with a bag of the sandwiches doing a hand off. So grateful to have this guy as a friend. He didn’t need his ears to listen to himself when I asked for help, it was all heart, and I’m thankful for that.dsc02055_32332984676_oBe the change you want to see in the world and never forget to love yourself because if you’re half as good as you say you are then you can prove it.


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