44 Hours for 36 Minutes

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.29.32 AM Photo by Julio

Making new friends and traveling to a new destination is what life is all about. When looking for a way on how i’d get myself to Wolfpack Hustles Austin Race I had the choices of flying there or hitching a ride with a local SoCal race team by the name of OCBrakless. I chose to travel by ground and without a doubt it was a beautiful trip through 3 states.

unnamed-3 Photo by Julio

With new friendships made and 22 hours on the road we finally hit Texas. The trip gave me a lot of time to think about why I chose racing bikes over my other hobbies. I remember when it was just me and my friends riding through the streets of Los Angeles with out any idea on where the bicycle might take us in the future. Years passed and goals have been met, I wonder if people who dream as much as me see the possibilities and shine the way towards an endless road of wonder.


Making it the night before the race I was anxious to get myself on the bike. Taking two weeks off because of a fever I was more then ready to begin my race day. Austin Texas is a nice place with an immense amount of bike paths, Some locals where kind enough to help me find my way to the race course.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.56.19 PM Photo by Julio

I was put in qualifier group 4 and knowing that the lower the qualifier the less experienced the racers are going to be I made sure to mark the few fast guys. Luckily, I had some of SoCal’s up and coming fixed gear criterium teams like Team Throne Cycles and Team Fix Fixie with me. We where given 4 laps to get our best time trial. Right from the get go me and Cameron initiate our attacks and manage to get a killer time of 1:51 seconds giving me the 25th place spot for the final race. Due to a timing chip issue there was no cut off time so the organizer allowed everyone to race.

Processed with VSCOcam with e8 presetPhoto by Jason

The race started fast and everyone was consistently fighting for position. I stayed with the main group for the whole race and managed to dodge some nasty crashes. I felt strong and made sure to break any type of teamwork that was happening since I was the only one in my team that made it out to the race. Team solo is fun but I always need to be precise with how I’ll manipulate the race. After 30 minutes of racing the last 6 minutes turned into a huge barrage of different breakaways but most of them where caught. During that time I was recovering from being elbowed in the ribs. After a brief recovery my head was in the game. Unfortunately, I missed the winning break and was caught up on a field sprint for a 12th place finish. Live, Learn, and repeat…on to the next one.

Welcome to Backwood

Life has taken me back into doing cinematography and with a group of friends who all have been touched by the creative bug we make our first video called Welcome to Backwood. This story is based off many similar personal experiences that me and my friends  have had while living in Los Angeles. When watching this video think about those friends who only want to be around you because you are a good person to be around with. A true friend doesn’t ask for anything from you they just enjoy the company.

Please view and critique. This is only the beginning

Fun Is Serious


The saying “fun is serious” came from the mind of my friend Johnnie Davis. He’s an adventurer who throws himself into the unknown just to shine the way and guide those who don’t know where to start. Like in an alley cat race, look at a map, pick your locations, and let the universe treat you whichever way it must. Travel in this fast paced life is so needed, one minute your guardians are holding you captive from the cruel world then next you’re writing them letters of how life can be so strange.

Now when implementing “fun is serious” into your daily daily I suggest traveling to a place that is far or close(baby steps), look at your surroundings and see what you can make of the situation. The possibilities are endless. Johnnie and my friend Bright both decided to buy clothes that had them looking like characters straight out of the video game street fighter. From there I pulled out my camera and had began capturing the moment without any warning. Nervous at first my friends smoothly adjusted and went with the flow.

Adjusting to anything can be a scary situation especially if you’re one to have a strong belief  in never leaving your comfort zone. But why hold yourself back when life has so much to offer? remember when you had the eyes of a child, looking at a telescope and wondering what was beyond that magnifying glass…awaken those eyes because they have been sleeping for sometime.

This isn’t a promise that doing anything I say will change your life or that your mind, body, and soul will enjoy any instance of uncertainty, Just know that when you’re on the road looking for a good destination to act out and be a little different always capture the moment. If it’s with writing, photos, or drawings. Like todays post… Im enjoying what my body says when it’s given the chance to go.




Take it or leave it but the hardest of efforts will give you reason to think twice about your life choices. I looked at many beautiful eyes, and held the strongest of opinions while glaring at them. But what did that solve without a solid ground of understanding.

You ride this bike? you road with no brake? where can I see your efforts? WHO THE FUCK CARES. Promise yourself to end labeling or bite your tongue when we see other cyclists. Different dimensions of our own love and hate are clearly going to cross paths in this river called life.

The real question should be “where do we find a place to call home?” when traveling and meeting all these creative souls. I hold you in my memories but pardon me if I forgot that moment at the park or that laugh in a bar jam packed with love, life, and desperation. Life can really side track us into weighing “who we are now” and “who we used to be.” starting to realize that the only audience we have is ourselves.

But who am I to say these things when I’ve ridden on the freeway, attacked oncoming traffic with closest of friends, and nearly lost my life to a distracted bus driver while riding carefully. Judge and talk about me all you want. Where did I gain the ability to turn the switch on instincts at any instance. Cutting the city with myself or a pack of wolves, we have evolved in consciousness. I know we’re built to punish or persuade but don’t be surprised if you see a generation of cyclists who ride with respect during the day and change into beasts at night.

metaphorically speaking.


What to say


I’ve pushed my body and mind through some interesting moments this year. Some of which still make me move with some sadness and other times having me feeling as if I was the only one who could understand this enormous amount of joy. I look out at the sky every so often and realize that people will never know who I really am.

The beauty in the discrete, the sprout that stemmed from untouched soil, a laugh between two friends that will never be forgotten. Where does your passion and love come into play when time is short?

My head and my heart both act so differently when I’m in control but once my primal instincts come into play I can really feel how connected they are. Its infinitely moving through my veins, the dreams that are all mine. Who can take them? oppressors come in all shapes and sizes, one day they love you, another day they need you, and on the last day they forget you.

Close your eyes for a second and look at the beauty in life and kiss your existence good bye. Like the one who could have loved you more? would you feel the same way in return? maybe, maybe not…still not the answer they wanted.

I am in the air right now…with the delicate idea of a greater future. Sayōnara