Portrait Photography

I am a Los Angeles based photographer who specializes in all forms of Portraiture.


The beauty of a headshot is within the blend of comfort and passion. The first and only step is you accepting yourself to the lens, leave the rest to me. My headshots of you will be a work of art. I catered to Artists, Corporate Executives, Actors, and Models. For hi-res sample photos please contact me via email.


  •  Studio Portraits – A large photograph for which the sitter is posed, typically taken at my studio. Sometimes on location if needed.
  • Location Portraits – Executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject’s life and surroundings.
  • Headshot Portraits – A photograph of a person’s head. typically done with specific studio lighting equipment.

Event Photography

I am a Los Angeles based photographer who creates powerful and creative images,  embodying your vision.


While working at the event I keep the utmost professional attitude; able to focus on the objective on hand. While documenting the event I search for photos where people are enjoying – engaged in the moment. I refrain from taking pictures of people who are looking unenthusiastic or eating/drinking.

Photojournalism takes a keen eye for delicate moments. At any second I can capture a life changing digital that can bring out the best of emotions later in life. Arriving early to the event to capture an empty venue is also a perk with working with me. I try to give you the most out of my time so that you have a variety of photos to use for any of your marketing needs.

For any Event Photography I ask for a 50% deposit for my time window.